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Fast Track to Register for CIFF Exhibition
The 53RD CIFF exhibition is coming soon, are you ready to enjoy the fair? Before starting, it would be better for you to preregister, since there would be a great numbers of people waiting and filling information at the entrance of the pavilion. Thus, for time saving, it would be faster for you to get into the exhibition with preregistered information. Here we have put the QR-code, you can just scan it. Don’t forget to visit our booth at 5.1 A15!
2024-04-24 24
Why Auditorium Chairs Become More And More Popular Nowadays
Why auditorium chair becomes more and more popular now? Auditorium chair is a kind of furniture that normally used in various meeting hall, report center, etc. Some people even put it into their houses. The reason for it may as below. 1. Auditorium chair is practical. Many of the products in the market not only can be sit, but also equipped with recliner, which makes it suitable in different places for work or for rest. 2.Auditorium chair is now designed in various styles to meet the demands of different venues. 3.Auditorium chair is durable and its folding mechanism saves spaces for the venues. Just contact us if you want to purchase auditorium chairs!
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What’s the Advantage of Using Ladder Classroom Desk and Chair
Many schools choose normal desk or bench for students when purchasing furniture, actually for ladder classroom, below desk & chair is a better choice. The ladder classroom desk & chair is a kind of folding chair with writing tablet at the back of chair. Users in the next row use the tablet of their front rows. This kind of desk & chair saves more space when folding the seat pan and the writing tablet and more durable. For the seat and back, customers can choose plywood, plastic or cushion. The writing tablet can be fixed or folding. It depends on the needs of buyer. Now contact us for more information about the ladder classroom desk & chair!
2024-04-24 10
2024 CIFF Brief News
Yingchi Furniture has participated in the 53rd China International Furniture Fair in Guangzhou at the end of March, which is one of the most important furniture exhibition in China. We are so excited that many of our old friends have came to visit us on the fair! Since we haven’t seen each other for a long time because of the COVID-19 virus, our colleagues have chat a lot with them. Also we have knew many new friends from different countries. Nice to meet you all and welcome to visit us again in our factory if any chances!
2024-04-24 25
Warm Greeting From Yingchi Furniture
Hello everybody! How are you? We have back from CNY vacation, and here’s the greeting from Yingchi Family. Wish you and your family all the best and wish your business flourish in 2024! Here we want to announce a news that we will participate in the 53rd CIFF exhibition and warmly welcome you to visit our booth at 5.1 A15 and our new factory. We look forward to your visit!
2024-04-24 6
New Project Sharing – School Furniture
Here are the project photo feedback from one of our Indian customer. Those desks and chairs are well-installed and nice matching to the classroom. Hope kids like this products, and thanks a lot for the trust and support from our customer!
2024-03-27 32